Julie Curly (lyrics, vocals), Monique Dumas (composition), Jean-Yves Cardin (piano, arrangements), Robert Massé (drums), Dennis Pavia (programming), Gilbert Cantin (mixing), Harris Newman (mastering). And thanks to my mother, the co-inspiration for this song.


Can You Imagine? (The Killing of John Lennon)

I was born the day John Lennon died
My mother was in pain
She broke water while losing her teen idol
Guess why she cried

I saw her standing there
In this child birthing room
Suffering, losing her love
I was born before my time

Can you imagine the world without its greatest dreamer?
Tell me mother
Neither can I
Let it be, she said, let it be, strawberry fields forever

Doctors told my mom I wasn’t well
As ex-Beatle’s death had spread
Listening to Lennon’s records in the nursery
She thought his sweet songs could save me


Chapman, this unknown from Hawaii
Silenced the world’s biggest dreamer
Longing to become somebody
I can’t wish him well
I’m sure he’s sick for hell
In his Attica prison cell
He needs somebody, Help!

Can you imagine today’s music scene?
If Lennon were still alive
On a cold December day, John’s flame went out
As a baby girl was born to scream & shout


Strawberry fields, those strawberry fields forever
Let it be she said, I gave life to a dreamer…
In my life, in my life
Strawberry fields, those strawberry fields forever